Spedition & Transport services all across Europe`s land.


ADR transports services provided by our fleet of 30 Mega trucks and professional drivers in order to deliver dangerous goods all across Europe.  24h/24h assistance and GPS tracking through mobile phone for every client.


Logistics services using our 600 sqm storehouse located in Arad County – Romania. The storehouse offers access and enough space for trucks + the possibility of 24/24 cross docking, saving cost and reduce delivery times.


The Express Delivery service allows us to transport your goods in a safe and professional manner. Our drivers team is highly trained for  express transport including night shifts, in order to deliver at the right estimated time.


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24/24h Assistance

for any situation we offer 24/24 assistance for every single partner. We speak more than 3 foreign languages such as Romanian, Italian, French and Hungarian so that we can establish a good and strong communication.

Competitive Prices

Our competitive price ranges allows us to stand out! From ADR transportation to Groupage or Express Delivery we try to estimate the right and fair costs. Ask us for a quotation right now!

Reliable Team

Good services comes from good people. Our administrative and drivers team stands out through experience and professionalism, making sure that every transport arrives in time and safely.

GPS Tracking

We know how important is the safety of the transported goods. Apart from the fact that the cargo must arrive on time, it has to be delivered in a safe manner too. Regarding that, on each truck we have installed a GPS tracking system on the mobile phone.
Our Mig Plus Spedition &Transport Company provides a fleet of 30 mega trucks for ADR goods distribution and 60 Multilock mega trailers at your service and a Storehouse/Logistic Point located in Arad, 600 sqm with access for the trucks and possibility of 24/24 cross docking.

Services: ADR transport, Express transport for which we provide Nightshift, the ability to execute a Groupage of Goods all over Europe`s land.

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